Bees do a very important job for our nature and help maintain balance. We all know that bees collect pollen but it’s not that simple and there is a lot more things I bet you didn’t know in the whole process. In this video below we will take a close look at how bees prepare themselves before the everyday commute, collect pollens, how their body has the right gears to do the job and how they take pollen home.

Bees’ body is filled with hair, and I mean lots of hair, in millions. Bees even have the hairs on eyes! This helps them collect the pollens. They move from flower to flower and collect the pollen in a special basket in back legs where they can carry the pollen. This bee pollen is actually very healthy for humans and recently has become very popular among the health-conscious people.

Once the bees reach the hive, they start preparing the meal. But pollen isn’t for making honey. The honey is actually made from nectar. Older female adult bees collect pollen and mix it with nectar or honey as they go along, then carry it back to the hive and deposit it in cells next to the developing baby bees, called larvae. This stored pollen, known as bee bread, is the colony’s main source of protein.