Beeswax Furniture Polish

Australian made beeswax furniture polish – all natural and no chemicals. Buy Online at Aussie Beeswax – Australia’s no. 1 online store for beeswax products.

Beeswax polish gives the furniture a nice finish, leaving a gentle aroma in the room.

We offer furniture care products for wood, leather, and timber. These products are made of all natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals typically found in furniture polishes.

Beeswax is an excellent choice for polish as it reduces surface tension. Our beeswax polishes are perfect for creating a smooth and natural-looking finish.

We use essential oils in both our lavender and orange waxes to create a polish that leaves a gentle aroma without the use of artificial scents. We also offer a scent free wax.

Wood Wax

The raw linseed oil in this wax polishes helps wood retain its natural moisture which prevents cracking and shrinking.

Apply with a soft cloth, leave on for 10 minutes and use a clean soft cloth to remove and polish off.

Leather and Timber Wax

This product can be used to naturally nourish, and condition leather shoes and create a brilliant shine without the use of harsh chemicals. Our polish can help protect your favourite leather items from the build-up of mould.

Apply this wax to timber surfaces for a natural sheen and a strong, resistant finish.

Use a soft cloth to apply this wax, buffing off after a few minutes with a clean cloth.

Cutting Board Wax

Made from beeswax and raw linseed oil, this is perfect for cutting boards, butcher’s blocks and bench tops.

It conditions surfaces whilst being free of any harmful ingredients, making it ideal for surfaces that come into contact with food.


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